Photography captured my affection years ago when I branched out into the alternative photographic world of creating polaroid transfers from 35mm slides. Image transfer is often described as a “crossover” art form, one that blurs the distinction between conventional photography and handcrafted art. I became enthralled with the moody, dream-like feeling created by these images, and was especially drawn to the soft vintage effects that resembled photographs of yesteryear.

Now I use digital capture and sometimes begin transforming the images in Photoshop by infusing atmospheric elements, introducing layers of textural fragments,  blurring boundaries, smudging, blending, highlighting and illuminating the files to my inner vision so that they become impressionistic rather than realistic.  Through this process I am able to transform these images of my imagination into works on paper and  hope to create images that are reminiscent of the hauntingly captivating polaroid transfers.  By printing on textured, old world paper similar to the handmade paper used by printmakers I find that the ink has a tendency to saturate the paper, creating a diffuse, painterly effect which adds to the romanticism of the images. 

I enjoy working with these interpretive images and coaxing out the “soul” of the image, and in so doing I strive to introduce a timeless fresco quality with an emotive component. I value this emotional element which I believe promotes a lingering effect that resides beyond the visual and allows for the interplay and resonance of personal associations with the image. It is my hope that this reflective pause may allow the viewer to engage in a temporal relationship, thereby becoming an integral part of the creative process.